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Becoming a 'Golden Army' member is the same idea as Patreon but much better as all the money goes directly to the creator! By becoming a member you gain access to all the backing tracks and PDF tabs on the site for just £10 a month. 

Simply sign up, login, and add any PDF Tabs & Backing Tracks to your cart and when you check out you will not be charged for the items as you are a 'Golden Army' member! 

What do you get?

  • Access to 100's of PDF Tabs & Backing Tracks from my YouTube videos
  • 100's of Jam Tracks to practice with
  • New Jam Tracks, Tabs, Lessons added every week!
  • Mixture of Guitar, Bass & Ukulele items (See Tabs section)
  • Discounts on other products on my site such a Guitar Pro Files and Merch
  • Knowledge that 100% of your subscription goes to supporting my channel