sweep picking masterclass

In this video masterclass I share my insights into the awesome guitar technique of Sweep Picking! One of the hardest techniques to truly master but totally worth the time! I share my tips to practice and what shapes to learn. 

If you would like to explore more shapes and arpeggios and learn how I managed to tackle sweep picking in a few months check out my book 'The Ultimate Guitar Sweep Picking Book' available worldwide on amazon.

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As with everything you practice make sure you use a metronome and start super slow to make sure you are playing the lick correctly with the right fingers, technique and attack (it's fine to not use a metronome at first while first learning it).

I recommend starting at 60pm and use 8ths notes until you can play the lick without mistakes three or four times in a row then speed up the metronome by 5bpm. If you are really struggling playing the whole lick break it down to a bar or two. CLICK HERE to get a metronome.

The best way to really get any licks under your fingers is to practice them over a backing track and this may help inspire your own lick ideas as well. I have a free backing track channel http://www.killerbackingtracks.com


In terms of gear for getting a good finger tapping tone I recommend getting a healthy amount of gain on your amp (not too much maybe at 12 o'clock !) and add an overdrive pedal to really help boost the guitar signal going into the amp making the notes a lot clearer which you can hear in the video. 

I used an Ibanez tube screamer in my lesson which I highly recommend

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Not essential but you can use fret wraps or string dampeners to keep any unwanted noise at bay. This can be frown upon by some players as they believe you should be able to control the noise without any extra help! I have to agree to some extent but if some of my favourite players such as Guthrie Govan and Greg Howe use them it's ok with me!!

I like to use the Gruvgear Fretwraps which I am using in this lesson. You can get these in lots of different fun colours! 

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