About Karl

Karl Golden is a music teacher and proud author of 'The Ultimate Guitar Books' from London, UK. 

He has played hundreds of gigs with many different original, function and cover bands/artists. Over recent years, with the change of direction in the music industry, he has become a successful YouTube content creator with over 258,000 subscribers and more than 58 million views on his video content working with big brands such as Ernie Ball, Music Man, Se Electronics, Fender, Shergold Guitars, Faith Guitars, BandZoogle, Distrokid and many more. 

From 2004 Karl spent 4 years studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford, gaining a Higher Diploma and Degree in Contemporary Popular Music. He was taught by world class musicians such as Jamie Humphries, Giorgio Serci, Pete Friesen and Dave Kilminster. During his time studying he found being around so many talented musicians inspiring and helped him develop his own style of playing, not only in the studio but also in live situations. During his time at ACM, he was part of a variety of bands where he would regularly gig, feeding his love of performing. 

Karl joined his first original rock band, named Zalinski, in 2007. With Zalinski, he played at some great venues in London such as The O2 Academy in Islington, Nambucca, The Purple Turtle, Proud and The Barfly in Camden, they also supported Pete Doherty at The Rhythm Factory in January 2010. Whilst working with Zalinski, Karl was involved with the recording and production of their debut EP 'Actions, Reactions & Misunderstandings' in October 2009, which was released worldwide on CD and through online digital distribution such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. 

Zalinski's music reviews include: 

"positively original...will blow you away" Music-Zine 

"Gorgeous indie guitar tonesTotal Guitar 

"...seriously brilliant songs " www.toxicpete.co.uk 

"...a mind absorbing soundscape" Roomthirteen.com 

"...takes traditional rock on a little adventure" Rock 'n' Reel  

"emotionally charged" www.glasswerk.co.uk 

"Quite simply fantastic" Alternative Vision Magazine 

"artful, funk - rock" NME 

In 2009, Karl did session work for Bluey Robinson on BBC Radio One, playing electric guitar on his debut single 'I Know' , performing as well on an acoustic version on ITN music. He played guitar for Bluey in London and performed showcases in Paris, France. 

After many years of struggling to make a living from music Karl decided to get a full time job in the film industry. During his time off from work he would start making musical content for YouTube, believing that this could be a new way of reaching out to people and sharing his music. The success achieved by other musicians, such as Rob Chapman of Chapman Guitars and Elías Barreda (gewerh44), was a great source of inspiration. 

In early 2012, Karl released his first self produced solo single 'You're So Complicated'. Through the help of YouTube he came across the young and talented singer Lui Matthews who was invited to sing on the track. Later in 2012 he made his first music video to help promote the track, which was directed by Dominic Rossetti & Tamrone Sellwood of Eternal Media Productions. Karl later released his debut album 'Living On A Knife Edge' featuring vocalist Lui Matthews in 2015. Karl self produced and funded the album and with the help of his large online following he managed to make it a big success. 

All this hard work paid off in 2016 when his video '100 Riffs Goes Ukulele' reached over 1 million views and in the same year he reached 100,000 subscribers. To date he has achieved over 50 million views on over 700 videos, and counting. 

In 2017 Karl built 'Golden Studios', his own personal recording studio where he is now able to write, film and record music freely (and not piss off his wife). In late 2017, with the gradual success of his YouTube channel, he made the decision to focus on this full time and follow his dream of working on music full time. 

In 2018 Karl reached over 200,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 40 million views on his video content. With his continued success he has become an artist for lots of major companies such as Ernie Ball, Faith Guitars, SE Electronics, Focusrite and Shergold Guitars. 

In 2020 Karl became an author writing and releasing his first four books in 'The Ultimate Book Series', focusing on guitar and ukulele education. In 2021 he released three more books, The Ultimate Guitar Sweep Picking Book, The Ultimate Bass Scales Book and The Ultimate Bass Chord & Arpeggios Book. Stay tuned for more!

Debut Solo Album 'Living On A Knife Edge' released in 2015 featuring Lui Matthews

Debut Solo Album 'Living On A Knife Edge' released in 2015 featuring Lui Matthews

YouTube award plaque for reaching over 100,000 subscribers. Known as the 'Silver Play Button'

YouTube award plaque for reaching over 100,000 subscribers. Known as the 'Silver Play Button'

PROUD achievements

  • Playing guitar on BBC Radio 1 with Bluey Robinson 
  • Playing guitar on ITN Music with Bluey Robinson

  • Reached regional final of Surface Unsigned with band Zalinski

  • Reached final of Jar Music Breakout festival with band Zalinski

  • Supported Pete Doherty with Zalinski 

  • Reached finals of MTV Gaymers Camden Crawl with Zalinski 

  • Received a YouTube silver play button plaque award for gaining over 100,000 subscribers

  • Reached over 50 millions views on all my YouTube content 

  • Reached over 250,000 Subscribers on YouTube

  • Guitar Demonstrator Ernie Ball Booth (Guitar Shows)

  • Ernie Ball Artist

  • Faith Guitars Artist

  • Shergold Guitars Artist

  • SE Electronics Artist

  • Self built home studio (Golden Studios)

  • Published The Ultimate Guitar Series Trilogy Books

  • Published The Ultimate Bass Series Books

  • Released The Ultimate Guitar Scales Course

  • Released debut solo artist album 'Living On A Knife Edge' ft. Lui Matthews



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