A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY GUITAR PLAYER! These books can be used as a learning, reference or practice tool to explore new scales, chord and arpeggio shapes all over the fretboard and help improve your improvisational skills or practice routine. Great tools for any guitar teacher who want to have a solid foundation to teach their students.

Karl is proud to announce the release of his new book series 'The Ultimate Guitar Series'. There is three books in the series that focus on scales, chords and arpeggios which are all essential to help develop your guitar skills and knowledge on the guitar. Focusing heavily on the CAGED system and targeting root notes to play shapes all over the fretboard. Each book contains lots of exercises to help learn and remember each of the shapes and advice on how to practice. Essential for every guitar player! You do not need to have an understanding of music theory to utilise these books.

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Take your guitar or bass practice to a whole new level with these practice posters looking at the modes of the Major ScaleHarmonic Minor and Melodic Minor! . CLICK HERE to get all three in one big poster!

Designed by Karl Golden himself to help with his practice routine. These educational posters contains all 7 modes for each of the scales, their names, formulas, chordal structure, moveable 3-note-per-string shapes (move root note to any key) and the circle of 4ths and 5ths to help practice in all 12 keys. 

Great for students and teachers.  An incredibly useful practice tool! 🔥


This book contains over 180 useful chord shapes and that's just for one key! Moving these shapes to all twelve keys creates over 2600 chords! Using the CAGFD system every chord family has five recommended shapes that connect across the whole fretboard.

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